Heart Leaks Happen To Anyone

Heart leak or a hole in the heart, often undetected because it rarely causes specific signs or symptoms. This condition can happen to everyone without realizing it. The term leaked heart is generally used to refer to abnormalities of the heart valve and the existence of holes in the heart block. In adults, heart leaks are more common because one of the valves cannot be closed or functioning properly. Whereas in children or infants, cases of leaky heart can be caused by holes between the walls in the left and right spaces of the heart are not completely closed properly, although there are also children who have disorders of the heart valves. Heart Valve Abnormalities The human heart has four valves, namely the tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral and aortic valves. This special network in the heart controls the flow of blood from one part to another. Each valve consists of two or three petals that can open and close. The valve petals will open when blood is pumped between the heart chambe
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